Omega Specialities 60 mm, Sedna™ gold - Canopus Gold™

Omega Specialities 60 mm, Sedna™ gold - Canopus Gold™


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Released to make the 125th anniversary of the OMEGA name, this exquisite “half hunter” pocket watch has an 18K Canopus Gold case with red enamel pattern along the side, and two watch covers in 18K Sedna gold, both opened by a twist of the same ingenious crown.

Opening the front cover reveals a white "Grand Feu" enamel dial with three levels for improving the reading of the 18K Sedna gold hands. Behind the God Chronos medallion on the interior of the rear cover, is a 125th anniversary logo in red enamel. Also in clear view is the famous calibre, protected by a domed sapphire glass.

Encircling the movement, engraved on the 18K Canopus Gold caseback, is one of only nineteen limited edition numbers and the words “Edition Limitée” and “Manufacturé à Bienne, Suisse”.

Powering the pocket watch is a meticulous reconstruction of the famous 19-ligne “OMEGA” Calibre, created by the skilled watchmakers at OMEGA’s Atelier Tourbillon in Switzerland. The movement includes original components stored away for almost a century.