Engagement Ring Tips


When a woman gets an engagement ring, all she can do is stare at it in amazement and joy. It’s so sparkly…so brilliant. But, did you know if you don’t take proper care of your ring, its beauty can dull? 

Fear not! There are simple cleaning tips to making sure your ring (and any diamond jewelry you own) stays dazzling forever:

- Have your ring inspected regularly – an easy way to do this is with a professional cleaning

- If your ring is white gold, re-rhodium it from time to time (this is a personal choice) to restore the whiteness to the metal

- When cleaning on your own, use warm water and mild soap (or jewelry cleaner)

- With a soft bristled brush (like a toothbrush) gently scrub around the prongs and setting – even a clean looking diamond has a thin layer of oil and grime

- Polish with a soft cloth and dry well before storing – gold can tarnish from water or leave a residue

- Always store in a fabric lined jewelry box, and not against other jewelry

Plus, here are some activities to avoid while wearing your ring in order to prolong the brilliance of your ring!

- Avoid household chemicals (like bleach) or other cleaners

- Putting on hairspray, makeup, lotion, and other beauty products

- Swimming in pools (chlorine can discolor!)

- Showering or washing your hands – even plain soap can cause a film

Gardening or outside activities involving construction, dirt, extreme temperatures, etc.

- Exercising or playing sports

Follow these simple tips and your ring will sparkle for the rest of your life!

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