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Jewelry Appraisals In Napa

Whether for insurance or estate purposes, we provide formal appraisal services conducted by an experienced gemological appraiser.  An insurance appraisal provides a client with the information that will assure a replacement of equal quality and value at the current retail market value.  An estate appraisal is used for probate purposes and is based upon a fair market value, the price at which such property would change hands between willing buyers and willing sellers, neither  being under the compulsion to buy or sell, and both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts.

Each piece is delicately handled and held in complete confidence.  We will thoroughly inspect and clean the item(s) before performing the appraisal and will notify the customer if there is any damage and/or if repairs will be needed.  Appraisal services are based upon a per item fee and will be completed within a reasonable amount of time, the time needed to provide a detailed description, digital photograph, and to compose the type-written documentation. We are unable to provide these services “while you wait” due to the time and attention it takes to complete a comprehensive examination of the items.

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