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  • Acclaim Band


    A scallop setting lets you peek at the diamonds from the side as well as from the top, making this ring a sparkler from multiple angles. Stack this show-stopper with other bands, or wear it as a wedding ring.

  • Adoration Diamond Band


    A row of stunning diamonds share double prongs for a spaced-out look, and they’re held in place by two delicate metal walls. Stack it, pair it with a wedding band, or rock it all alone.

  • Atlantico Pave Band


    Inspired by the crashing waves of the Atlantic, the Atlantico Pave Ring features rows of pave diamonds that appear to twist beautifully across the ring’s surface. A perfect match for the Atlantico Pave Engagement Ring, it can also be worn solo or stacked with any of our other designs.

  • Beloved Band to match Open Gallery


    Diamonds sparkle on a solid metal band. Designed to match our Beloved Open Gallery Engagement Ring, this ring can also be worn alone or stacked alongside any of our other designs.

  • Beloved Wedding Band


    A classic diamond wedding band design. It’s a perfect match to our Beloved Engagement Ring.

  • Cali Chic Band Matches SplitShank DER


    This diamond band keeps things traditional, featuring a line of scallop-set diamonds that will dazzle from any angle. It’s the perfect pairing for a split-shank ring or just to wear on its own.

  • Cali Chic Diamond Accent Band


    This brilliant wedding band is broken up with diamond-shaped bezel accents placed incrementally along its length, giving it a unique silhouette that will mesh flawlessly with the Cali Chic Diamond Engagement Ring. It could also stand alone as a statement ring or be stacked with other bands for an even bolder look.

  • Cali Chic Diamond Band


    A classic diamond band with a subtle twist, the Cali Chic Diamond Band dazzles with perfectly cut diamonds. This beautiful band is a perfect complement to the Cali Chic Diamond Engagement Ring styles.

  • Cali Chic Rope Diamond Band


    A line of perfectly cut diamonds sits daintily in a scalloped setting, ensuring maximum sparkle from every angle. This versatile design can be worn as a wedding band, stacked, or alone.

  • Camilla Diamond Band


    This brilliant diamond band is truly timeless, thanks to its oversized prongs and stunning line of diamonds. It’s the perfect pair for just about any engagement ring, or could hold its own as part of a stack.

  • Camilla Pave Knife Edge Band


    Two rows of diamonds run side-by-side, each slanted upward to create a triangular silhouette. The sophisticated modern look of the band pairs well with a variety of engagement rings, but it can just as easily stand on its own, complementing your most of-the-moment ensembles.

  • Copley Multi Diam Band 4mm


    This sleek band features several bezel-set diamonds, each wrapped in a metal ring and perched inside of a flower-shaped opening. It’s graceful and feminine, making it the perfect accessory for everyday wear.

  • Copley Single Diam Band 5mm


    One perfectly cut diamond is wrapped in a bezel setting and placed inside a floral-inspired opening in the solid metal band. It’s simple yet bold, making it perfect for everyday wear.

  • Deco Chic Band to match DRM Halo Ring


    A row of brilliant diamonds is surrounded by milgrain beading for the perfect amount of texture. Whether you wear it on its own or pair it with a milgrain-embellished engagement ring, this band is timeless and elegant.

  • Delight Lady Di Band


    When you have an engagement ring as bold and beautiful as the Delight Lady Di, a simple wedding band is the perfect pair for it. This solid metal ring features a unique shape that allows it to sit flush with the Delight Lady Di styles, supporting the dazzling design without stealing its spotlight.

  • Delight Lady Di Curved Diamond Band


    This band’s uniquely shaped design fits perfectly alongside the Delight Lady Di Engagement Ring, adding an extra bit of sparkle thanks to its diamond-lined band.