With its signature, “Innovators by Tradition”, Tissot has pioneered innovation and craftsmanship since the company was founded in 1853. Today, Tissot is a proud member of the largest watch producer and distributer in the wold – The Swatch Group. Since it was founded, the company has always been based out of the Swiss town of Le Locle which is known specifically for its watchmaking. Tissot now has a global presence that includes 160 countries.

Tissot has specifically designed dual-time-zoned pocket watches since its humble beginnings in 1853. Through careful innovation and a passion for the prestigious tradition of Swiss watchmaking, Tissot has continued to lead the way in watchmaking. Through hard work and inspired dedication, Tissot has blossomed into the notable company it is today.

In 1930, shortly after the Great Depression, Charles and Paul Tissot signed a sales and manufacturing agreement with the Brandt brothers, who were the founders of Omega in Bienna. After the signing, Tissot and Omega created the Société Suisse pour l’Industrie Horlogère (SSIH) holding. During that same time, Tissot created the first ever anti-magnetic watch. Tissot likewise created the first watch in a plastic mechanical case, known as the Astrolon. Under the careful guide of N.G. Hayek, Tissot created some of the world’s most innovative watch models including: the Rockwatch, Two Timer, Pearl Watch, and the Wood Watch.
The Tissot brand is enabled by their development of high-quality watches that are made with special materials and modern functionality. Their versatile range of top quality watches – at an affordable price – prove Tissot’s dedication and commitment to achieving excellence.

Tissot remains a leader in the watchmaking industry through innovation. The use of high-tech products, advanced functionality, and special materials sets this brand apart from the rest. Tissot has a more versatile range of high-quality products, specifically timepieces, than any other Swiss watch brand.

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