Ball Watches

Ball Watch’s mission statement is to “experience a better, more authentic and fulfilling life through exploring the world.”They are focused on building the most superior and mightiest watches that will endure extreme and adverse conditions. The company also strives to create a family enterprise that fosters on humanity and genuinely has fun in their endeavors.These watches are known not only for their incredible aesthetics and features, but for their accuracy under adverse conditions.

Spirit of adventure, love of challenges, endurance: are the common denominators of BALL watches.

The most adverse conditions can give rise to the greatest achievements. The history of BALL watches is closely tied to that of the American railroad pioneers. It started precisely on 18 April 1891 with the head-on collision of two trains in Ohio, United States. This catastrophe has left a lasting impression, all the more so since it was due to the inaccuracy of the watch belonging to one of the trains’ engineers. Consequently, the two largest railway companies in the United States decided to take steps to prevent such a technical failure from ever happening again: they contacted the Cleveland watchmaker Webster Clay Ball, already well-known for making chronometers. Appointed ‘Chief Time Inspector’ to the federal railroads, Webster C. Ball performed timing tests on all railway employees’ watches. At the same time, he implemented a time standardization system based on extremely strict criteria of reliability and precision. From that moment on, the fame of watches bearing the ‘BALL’s Standard’ logo spread well beyond the American continent.

A spirit of adventure, a love of a challenge, endurance and no-nonsense aesthetics: these are the common denominators of BALL Watch timepieces. Robust watches that express an authentic strength of character. Capable of exceptional performance, they are equipped with unparalleled technical capabilities that enable them to confront the most adverse conditions with complete peace of mind for the wearer. Their classic design and their natural elegance personify the most remarkable technical exploits in a completely understated manner.

One of the exclusive qualities of BALL watches is the perfect dial visibility even in the complete absence of any light thanks to the use of Micro Gas Lights (3H).

Today, more than ever, BALL Watch is continuing its journey and asserting its role as a key protagonist in the evolution of watchmaking history.

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